Invitation- Review 



This book started off choppy and slow. It was hard to follow or understand what was even happening. So, I handed it off to my husband to read. (I do that sometimes when I want to DNF a book.) 

His reaction was the same as mine, but unlike me, he stuck it out until the end. 

For fans of the supernatural/sci-fi genre, this would probably be a really great book, but for those of us who only dabble, it wasn’t that great. 

The fourth section however, seemed to really click for my husband. He enjoyed it so much that I started to read the fourth section. If the rest of the book could have been as well written as the end, it would probably get a better rating from me. 

Everything flowed well, it was easy to understand, and all around enjoyable. 

*Thanks Bethany House for giving me this book free in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating: 😑😑😑 Three Meh’s 

Link: Amazon


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