Open When… Letters to lift your spirits- Review 


Optimistic little letters to open when… you’re feeling stressed out, you need courage, or you want to laugh. 

In this emergency inspiration kit designed to lift the spirits, twelve insightful messages are tucked away inside beautifully illustrated envelopes for you to “open when” you need them most. 


The illustrations were beautiful. Some of them even unique, but the messages within kind of fell short. 

Each envelope on had a sentence or two, and I feel like it could and should have had a little more. 

An example: Open When… someone’s being mean. 

While it’s good advice, I guess I personally expected more. 

This whole “Open When” tradition is pretty big here where I live, and I’ve seen much more inspiring words from people who aren’t even authors. 

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating: 😩 one aww 

More info: Information

Author info: KAREN


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