The Friendship Bracelet- Review 


An old friendship bracelet might provide the threads Olivia needs to connect a new group of friends in this sweet new middle grade series.

As class klutz and all-around misfit, Olivia Jones thought that starting middle school would be tough enough. What’s worse, her BFF and next-door neighbor, Alex, is moving to Paris. Then Olivia discovers an old friendship bracelet in her mother’s drawer and realizes there might be a way for her to feel connected to Alex, even when they’re an ocean apart. Life without her BFF is hard, but when Olivia’s cousins move into the neighborhood, she discovers there are lots of opportunities for making new friends.


This story really pulled on my heartstrings a little. I had to move away from a best friend at such a young age, and I felt the same emotions Olivia does. It’s something that’s hard to get past and let go of. Olivia is lost without Alex. 

But inside this story is a valuable lesson for all children who read it. And what’s more is, Olivia learns to make new friends. 

This is a very enjoyable middle grade children’s read. My daughter is eight, and she was able to easily read and understand this book. 

Olivia is flawed in a way that most people are, and it’s okay. Because she is learning. 

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating: 👍👍👍👍 four thumbs 

Buy it: Amazon


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