An Indecent Proposal- Review 


The sensual, disarming story of a love triangle and an indecent proposal… With a failed relationship behind her, 25 year old Sara decides she has nothing to lose and accepts a new job in Switzerland. Feeling lost in her new surroundings she’s befreiended by her work collegues Leo and Oscar. Blue-eyed, fair-haired Leo is gentle and sensitive. Oscar, his best friend, is the opposite: dark-haired, brown-eyed, and direct to the point of brusqueness; to her surprise she feels strongly attracted to them both. They make her a proposition – a long, no strings attached weekend in Barcelona, going along with anything they suggest. But what happens in Spain leads Sara to find it impossible to keep to their agreement…


This story was seriously lacking. For a twenty five year old, Sara was a huge freaking cry baby. She acted more like twelve than twenty five. “Oh there’s a problem let’s run away and cry about it.” The only sensible person in this whole story is her best friend, who tries to get her to think about her choices… but of course she doesn’t. 

Oscar and Leo were okay characters. They could have been developed a little better with a little more backstory to make them less 2-d, but that’s just my opinion. Oscar is a self righteous down right dick at times. He is harsh and mean. Not someone I’d wanna jump in bed with. Leo is too love sick and unavailable that it’s pointless for her to even try to do this crap with them. 

And then there’s the ending. I was very angry with the ending. It was a complete letdown. And I hate saying that about any book, but it really was. 

This was not my cup of tea as far as stories go. The sex scenes were mostly hot, but the actual story was lacking. A lot of people loved this book, I however did not. 

*I received this advanced reader copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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