Channing O’ Banning and The Turquoise Trail- Review 


A dinosaur dig and a search for a lost ring will take readers ages 6–10 on a hilarious adventure with spunky 4th grade artist Channing O’Banning!

Fourth-grader Channing O’Banning always has a colored pencil stuck in her hair. A girl who prefers her sketch book to her math book—or any book, for that matter—budding artist Channing is the star of this new chapter book series. With parents who think she’s from Mars, an annoying older sister who acts like Queen of the World, and a surprisingly cool Nana, Channing navigates the fourth grade in hilarious stories every kid can relate to. For fans of Judy Moody or Junie B. Jones, Channing O’Banning’s antics will be familiar and welcome—and parents will love that Channing always learns a biblically based lesson.

Channing O’Banning has had enough of school. Best friends (and super nerds) Cooper and Maddy are really into their studies on the American Southwest, but Chan can’t see what a bunch of boring rocks and dusty deserts have to do withher. When Nana lets Channing borrow her super-cool Navajo turquoise ring, Channing is over the moon—until she loses the ring. As Chan searches for Nana’s ring, hilarious antics ensue, but in the midst of the craziness, Channing learns a new perspective on history, friendship, and, especially, the importance of responsibility.

This is a really cute kids book. Something that would read well for ages 6-11. It also has some learning material in there in the science and social studies fields. I’m an adult, and it’s sad to say I actually learned a little something about rocks and minerals. Maybe I should have paid better attention in school, or maybe if it was fun like this book- it might have actually stuck. 

Channing is the typical fourth grade girl, and her thoughts are pretty hilarious in a comical childlike way. She reminds me a lot of my own daughter- in that she is quirky and cute and doesn’t really care so much about learning until it’s something that interests her. 

I love how this book has a lesson wrapped up inside it. It’s something you can feel good about your child reading, and I look forward to reading this one again to my kids. 

I think my favorite character in the book though is Cooper. He’s a know it all, and yet he is still nice to his friends. It’s comical how he talks about his teachers, and the cute little nicknames they have for them. Boring Doring is my favorite. 

It was pretty neat learning about turquoise too. I wasn’t really knowledgeable about that kind of thing and how it relates to the tribes of the world. I love how this book teaches real world things, yet also teaches things about life. 

Five stars for this cute little children’s book. 

*I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Buy It: Amazon

Author Info: Angela Spady


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