Channing O’ Banning and The Rainforest Rescue- Review 


BFF troubles and an exotic trip filled with animals—young readers 6–10 will love stepping into the world of spunky 4th grade artist Channing O’Banning!

Fourth-grader Channing O’Banning always has a colored pencil stuck in her hair. A girl who prefers her sketch book to her math book—or any book, for that matter—budding artist Channing is the star of this new chapter book series. With parents who think she’s from Mars, an annoying older sister who acts like Queen of the World, and a surprisingly cool Nana, Channing navigates the fourth grade in hilarious stories every kid can relate to. For fans of Judy Moody or Junie B. Jones, Channing O’Banning’s antics will be familiar and welcome—and parents will love that Channing always learns a biblically based lesson.

Channing and best friend Maddy have always been inseparable—until now. Maddy is smitten with Marco, the new boy from Costa Rica—and Chan doesn’t like it one bit. But Chan’s ears perk up when Marco tells the class about the quetzal, a beautiful bird that lives in South American rainforests. Chan is determined that she will someday capture the bird in her sketchbook.

By a weird twist of fate, Channing’s family takes a trip to Costa Rica with Marco’s family. Determined to not let Marco ruin her trip, Chan sets off to find the quetzal, but she discovers more than she bargained for: first impressions aren’t always correct, and it’s so important not to judge others.
This is the first book in a series of cute children’s chapter books. It’s great for early readers who are just starting on chapter books. 

Book one sets up the series, introducing the characters. There’s Channing, the cute quirky fourth grader who loves to sketch in her sketchbook. There’s Maddy, who is Channing’s best friend and also currently a girlzombie who is gaga over a new guy at school. There’s Conner, Channing’s other best friend who is a brainiac who knows everything and takes every opportunity to let you know it. 

There’s Nana, who owns a pig as a pet, and loves to teach sweet little lessons to Channing about life. And there’s Marco, the new kid at school who Maddy is currently crushing on. 

This story follows Channing as she tries to get her best friend back from Marco who she thinks “stole her.” Throw in a trip to Costa Rica with her family and the adventures never end. 

There’s a lot of educational material in this story, as well as a cute life lesson that’s perfect for children aged 6-11. 

Five stars for cuteness and educational properties. 

*I received this book free from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Buy it: Amazon

More Info: Channing O’ Banning


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