February Picks From My Shelf 

It’s February… I didn’t get to finish my January picks, so two of them will be making their way to February. Too many ARCs due, too little time. That’s the story of my life these day. It also hasn’t helped that I have a bad case of the flu and I’m pretty much stuck between the recliner and my bed sleeping as much as humanly possible. (I’m terrible at being sick. Super big baby here!) 

February will have less personal picks for the entire month, because I have to finish some really really overdue ARCs before I get canned. 

This months picks are from my shelf, from the library shelf, and from several ARCs. 

My first ARC due. 

My second ARC due. *Done*

Looking forward to this one. I quite enjoyed the show. 

It’s funny, I read the first two like three years ago, but never read this one. I think it’s time I finish this series. 

More series books. 

Hoping to get to book three of this series this month. 

I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie. She’s my favorite mystery writer ever. Really looking forward to this one. 

And several more. TBU with more titles soon. 


2 thoughts on “February Picks From My Shelf 

  1. cultivatingtime says:

    The Fifth Petal look interesting – just judging a book by it’s cover! I haven’t read any of Agatha Christie’s books but I enjoy the TV adaptions. The BBC did a fantastic adaption of And There Were None for Christmas 2016 and they did another book this Christmas. I will actually make a point of reading some of her books.

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