Nerve- Review 


Vee, a quiet junior in high school, decides to join NERVE, an online game of “truth or dare, without the truth”, when she suspects her outgoing best friend and her crush are dating. Her entry, a coffee shop disaster, gains her a following, and she partners with Ian, an attractive junior from a different school with his own online following. The two perform riskier and more lucrative dares, gaining fame among the game’s Watchers, until the stakes grow too high.

I first wanted to read this book after seeing the preview for the movie. Now I am definitely going to go see the movie. 

This book is action packed, edge of your seat, non stop thrills from the very beginning. 

Shy outcast Vee gets a little upset and does something outside her norm to make herself feel better. It’s just one dare. It’s not like she’ll actually get picked. 

Little does she know, that one dare is going to spiral her life completely out of control. 

Vee gets picked to play Nerve and even more, she gets a sexy partner to play with. As each date unfolds, the stakes get higher and higher. 

I was on the edge of my seat for the entire book. The prologue alone had me nervous for what was to come. This is probably one of the best thriller books I’ve ever read. 

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good edge of your seat read. It keeps you hooked and wanting more all the way to the end. 

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