January’s Picks From My Shelf 

I’ve said this before, I am a book snob. A book queen, a book junkie, however you want to put it… my nose is ALWAYS in a book. 

Every month I try to read a certain amount of books, and while most of them come from a library, some do come from my home library. (That’s how much I love books, I have my own library) 

This months picks are a mix between my own library and the public library. I’m pushing myself to finish them all before this month is up. I am also working through my ARC’s so I am a little slower this month as far as how fast I can read. 

I tend to stick to the same genres when selecting books from the public library, for my personal library, and even when requesting ARC’s. Mainly because that’s the genre I love, but also because it’s what I know how to critique. I know what to expect from it and if I don’t get that, I get a little let down. Other genres I don’t tend to really understand. I don’t click with the characters or even the story line so it’s hard to get through them. 

If you like young adult, romance, mystery, or mature adult, this is the right blog for you. If not, posts of other genres will be few and far between. I do read other genres, but not as often as I read these. 

Anyways, my January picks are as follows: 

I found this book for $1. Best book buy ever! 

This is supposed to be sort of like Veronica Mars… looking forward to this one. 

Book Two in a series I’m working through. 

Book Two in another series I’m working through. 

Book Two in yet another series… I love series…

I’m super excited about this one. *Finished*

Well, let’s see if I can do it… we have eleven days left in January and I’ve read one of these completely through. Book Reviews to come. 


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