Breaking The Girl- Review 

*I received a copy of this book for free via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I believe this story should come with a warning, or disclaimer in the beginning so that readers can choose to pass or continue. It contains a very traumatic scene towards the end that some readers may not be able to handle. 

This story is about Axel, a guy who has worked in the porn industry for many many years. He has become tired of it, hating his job and basically wanting out. So instead of filming, he trains the new girls for filming. 

At the beginning, you get a taste of this hate as he signs a contract with a girl and prepares to go on vacation to get away from it, but even though he thinks he will actually have this vacation, a new trainee ends up coming with him. 

Payton Knight is an innocent little girl who has been through some trauma in her life and uses the opportunity to film porn as a means of making money to make a life for herself and Ben. She doesn’t know at all what she is getting into, and Axel tries to warn her but she doesn’t listen. 

This story is a journey to their happily ever after and the harsh truths of the porn industry. 

I did enjoy this story, at times I wanted to strangle Payton. At other times I wanted to hug her. The author has a way of pulling us deep into the minds of the characters and letting us feel the broad variety of emotions that they feel as the words unfold. 

It does contain sex scenes, but they are very traditional vanilla, cookie cutter scenes. Honestly I skimmed them. 

I would recommend this book, however be warned about the graphic traumatic scene. 

Find the book here: Breaking the Girl Amazon

More about the author here: Marene Webb

Thanks Netgalley and publisher for giving me this opportunity to review this book. 


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