I love love love wattpad. I found it one morning while I was bed ridden from some surgery. I was scouring the App Store, looking for a way to read books for free because I was tired of the tv. Also I’m a book lover. I swear it’s an addiction. 


Anyways, I came across this little jewel called wattpad where you can write and read free stories. I thought to myself, well it’s probably only children here, but we shall download it and see. Best decision I ever made as far as apps go. 

My very first story on there, and a story that’s close to my heart, was The Cell Phone Swap by donotmicrowave. Any of you wattpad guys will know this story because it’s huge on there. 

Also because it’s currently being published under the name Textrovert- which I preordered the day it was available for ordering. ❤️

So back to my story here, I have come across so many good stories on wattpad it’s unreal. But what seems to happen is, the stories that are really good don’t have that much in the way of numbers. The stories I don’t really like seem to top the charts. I don’t really understand this but hey I didn’t invent the system. 

Today, I’m gonna post my top 5 for wattpad. If you are a wattpad reader, go check these stories out. They range from Adult Romance-Mystery/Thriller- Humor- Teen Fiction- Chicklit. 

Do we see a pattern here? I stick to certain genres mainly because I’m a hopeless romantic and I love a good mystery. Most of what you’re gonna find on this blog is that. 

I keep going off topic here, little miny rants because my mind is so excited right now having found these jewels and read every word as fast as I could. 

So I’ll stop ranting and give you what you came here for… 

Top Five Wattpad Stories: 

1. The Cuddle Application– wow the title alone has me thinking what’s gonna happen here? This is quite possibly the funniest unpublished book I’ve ever read. After some drunken shenanigans, a girl ends up with an online cuddle application and a boy who accepted it. Hilarious laughter persues from there. 

2. My Not So One Night Stand– a girl drunkenly hooks up with her childhood best friend and realizes that there’s more than she ever thought to him. This is a super hot detailed very adult book. But the thing is, it’s real. It has real things happen in it. It’s not the cookie cutter processed erotic garbage you read now days. It’s real life on pages. I read it all in like a day. 

3. Baking With A Rockstar– a woman with a sketchy past takes herself and her new baby and leaves to go live with her grandmothers friend. There she meets a handsome Rockstar who just so happens to be the friends grandson. Epically cute. Insanely girly. Absolutely worth a read. 

4. Unhinged– a thrilling story about a stalker who will stop at nothing to claim his prize. This is an edge of your seat read. You can’t stop as you turn page after page unfolding everything that happens within the story. 

5. 1.8.7– police code for homicide. This story is about a few kids who plan to shoot up a school and a girl who has a vision of it before it happens and tries to stop it. The characters are complex and beautifully written, and the plot of it all is marvelous. You find yourself rooting for the bad guys because you just can’t help loving them. 

Are any of you out there wattpad readers? 

Have you read any of these stories? 

What’s your favorite genre? 


8 thoughts on “Wattpad… 

  1. Akaluv says:

    Nope, I don’t read on Wattpad. In fact, I hate that site with an intense passion and hope to never be on it again. If you are a reader, I’m sure the site is great. If you are a writer and you don’t write cliche romance stories with teen drama, then not so much…


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