The Heist Society- Review

I’m a huge fan of Ally Carter. I bought the entire collection of Gallagher Girls series and loved them. So recently I decided to try out a new book in a series by her called The Heist Society.

Let me just first say that it’s very different from The Gallagher Girls. So if your looking for something similar, this isn’t the option to go with. But also let me say just how great this book was.

As far as a new series goes, I’m pretty hooked on this one.

The first book starts out with The main character, Katarina, in a nice school trying to escape her former life as a con artist. If that doesn’t immediately make your mind go, hmm, nothing will.

I don’t want to spoil this with spoilers so I’ll keep it simple. As the book unfolds, there’s incredible twists and turns, the characters you root for aren’t always the ones you should be rooting for, and no one can be trusted.

Without giving away what happens in the book, I must say that I was drawn in from the first paragraph and I had a real hard time putting it down. I read the entire book cover to cover in one day.

If you are a fan of a good young adult mystery book, this is the one for you. It has a little love, a little humor, and lots of action packed mystery.

You can find this book on any major book outlet store like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.

All About Me The Book Girl

My name is Amanda, and I’m an avid reader. If I could spend the entire day in a library with my nose in a book, I would. I review books online on a few different sites, so I figured why not make a blog about it! This way I can collectively keep all my book reviews together in one place.

I’m always open for reviewing new books, so if you would like for me to review yours, just shoot me an email. Also, my first few reviews will be on books that are my favorite reads, not books I’ve been asked to read.

Mostly what you will find here are book reviews. However I will throw in a few posts that are still book related but not reviews. 

I don’t have a lot of friends who are readers, so I’m looking to make new friends and find suggestions for new books to read. I visit my local library at least twice a week to check out new books. 

What are your favorite books and why?